Ohurt Enterprise Natural Yoghurt

Estimates by the UN Trade Statistics indicates that, as far back as 2011 Ghana spent more than $80million importing milk and milk products annually hence leading to our country missing out on the $400billion dairy market.

“Ohurt Enterprise”, a small budding start up, with the sole aim of tapping into this market and in the near future, also diversify into other aspect of this market and becoming the Almarai Dairy Farm of our country.

Testing of Minimum Viable Product – Second Quarter of 2017 to Second Quarter of 2018
Drafting and Structuring of First Decade Master plan – Fourth Quarter of 2018


Moving forward we developed a master plan for our first decade of small scale operation, whereby this master plan was divided into two phases with Phase One, proposing we establish an artisan plant to help us mass produce Thousand Units (1,000 units) of our M.V.P (Ohurt Natural Yoghurt) daily and Phase Two, proposing we setup a mini dairy farm

StageIdea/Concept stage EST October 2016
SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage
LocationAshaiman, Ghana
Customer modelB2C
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