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Odinala Enterprise Tokenised Real-Estate Market

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Recreated due to issue with Vc4a platform:

Odinala intends to solve the many challenges faced by investors looking to own real estate. We believe the introduction of everyday investors into the tokenization of real estate will push for the advancement of this emerging sector. We will ensure the process of investing in the real estate will become more secure and effortless for the population in the diaspora.

The Odinala marketplace makes real estate investing a reality for those unable to buy properties due to their geographic location through blockchain. Our marketplace will reduce the need for multiple intermediary, additional costs incurred through third party regulations, and the long wait times for asset purchases due to lack of liquidity.

Another main objective of Odinala is to disrupt the real estate by digitizing real-world assets, lowering the barrier to entry allowing small scale investors and preventing fraud through the transparency of a public blockchain.

Sectors Blockchain, Real estate
Location Lucerne, Switzerland
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