OdiGroup We sell prepaid solar products to client, using mobile money.

More than 600 million African live off-grid. In country like the Democratic Republic of Congo, only 15% out of 83 million have access to electricity. 70 million Congolese spend at least $0.5/day for lighting, which give $12.7 billion/year (worldbank statistics).

OdiGroup intends to leverage this by bringing solar products.

Our product line is very simple and accessible to the market.
We bring 3 products, especially for lighting. The client by them in a rent-to-own model, which helps them to prepaid their monthly use of our system for 1$ per day and pay using local mobile money which are very used.

Total payments range between $75-600$ depending on lamps quantity. Once they total amount is riched, our digital counter is deactivated, then they can fully own their product.

The Servicable market is actually 600,000 households, especially in suburb of 4 cities in the D.R Congo.
Then we will expand the model to countries surronging the DR Congo which share same energy acess

Sectors Fintech, Renewable energy, Solar power
Location Lubumbashi, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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