OBASE OTA’S FARM The farm cultivate cassava and sweet potatoes in commercial quantity

OBASE OTA’S FARM specializes in cultivation of cassava and sweet potatoes in commercial quantity, the farm is bound to break even in her second year of operation due to the huge potentials inherent in both cassava and sweet potatoes as both crops are tuberuos crop,that is highly demanded in both the domestic and foreign market,and equally a most need for over 90 percent house hold and industrial outfits making use of the by products in the form of cassava chips, pellets,starch, flour and sweet potatoes chips, flour,starch.There is equally great potentials in these areas of crop farming due to the market segmentation by sectors like food and beverage, pharmacuticals, textile, confectionery, adhesive and gum,agro feed industries etc,and also there is great potentials based on it’s huge demand according to the market segmentation by region e.g Nigeria, America, Germany, Canada, Europe,Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etc.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Manufacturing
LocationCalabar, Nigeria
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