Nurodeli is about the setting up of Cloud–based online services connected to a cloud based datastore. Its evolutionary offering combines the functionalities of a local Search Engine, a Digital Advertising Platform and a regional network for data collection and distribution. Built around a strong cloud based application, this SaaS (on-demand software) features organic access by Android and Windows smartphones and device-neutral accessibility through web-browser solutions – the same driving the demand for web app development into a sizeable growth opportunity.

Technical/Development objectives
The project covers the setting up of a new search engine – local search-enabled solution, linked to a scalable core cloud datastore. The core search engine will be connected to native and hybrid mobile apps on the one hand, and Web based applications on the other, with overall emphasis on local search results, geo-tagging, contextual search results, and targeted niche search functionalities.

Marketing objectives
The project’s aim is to provide the region with a digital platform operating along SOLOMO (Social – Local – Mobile) principles. On the strength of its core engine, Nurodeli will open up new marketing opportunities by providing leads to suppliers and the ease of product and service information search to end-users across an extensive range of B2B and B2C commercial situations, with settlement possibilities envisaged through a partner financial service provider. The robust and scalable system is calibrated for the provision of value-added services (VAS) to parties involved in commercial transactions generated, executed, and processed by Nurodeli.

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