Numex Exchange Numex is a full featured cryptocurrency trading platform

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the most profitable businesses In the Crypto industry. Top 15 Exchanges raked in over $10billion in 2018. And investors have an average of 800% ROI within a 15 months window due to the unique business model.
Numex is no different. Numex is a full featured cryptocurrency trading platform. Numex will offer leveraged margin trading through a peer-to-peer lending market, allowing users to securely trade with leverage. Our goal is to create the ideal trading experience.

Numex team comprises of experienced, talented and visionary team.

Numex is seeking Angel investors who will partner and join us on this journey. Numex provides an opportunity for you to take part in this cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution.
Numex unique business model will enable us pay investors dividends quarterly and investment in Numex has potential for massive ROI within a decent time window as the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow rapidly.

Stage Growth stage EST September 2019
Sectors Blockchain, Fintech
Location Victoria, Seychelles
Markets Global
Customer model B2C
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