NubiaNetwork Digital Business Development for African Entrepreneurs

At NubiaNetwork, we do research on how African consumers respond to online marketing. Our research includes topics such as:
– Conversion factors for online sales in Africa
– Blockchain and Bitcoin in Africa
– Digital Careers in Africa
– The effects of automation on local jobs
– Internet speeds and internet costs in Africa
Using this research, we develop online business models for African entrepreneurs who are launching their brand into an African market.

In our business process, we develop a database of African entrepreneurs and end consumer markets in Africa which we use to create funding for those businesses or networking opportunities in local markets and in pan-African business contexts

Stage Unknown EST November 2016
SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, E-commerce
LocationRandburg, South Africa
MarketsBotswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of
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