NotCoffee Apparel Online street-wear apparel brand obsessed with people.

NotCoffee is an online based street-wear apparel brand targeting the 18 – 24 year old South African demographic. We believe in the new world of online retail partnered with an intense social media strategy providing greater value to our community than any other brand. We want to be known as the local brand that truly operates for the community, that we “won” by caring more…

The company was formed because the local culture of our youth needs a brand behind them. This is not to say we’re the first apparel brand in South Africa, but we’re the one that cares more about the people (customers and team/staff).

**Because I still have characters left, some updates on operations:
1. We have launched a giveaway that is live until 20/04/2018 – giving away 5 t-shirts through Instagram.
2. Begin bootstrapping sales in April (once I have funds again to buy more product after doing the giveaway).
3. People are recognizing the t-shirt when I’m on uni-campus from social presence. (kinda cool)

Stage Unknown EST February 2018
Sectors Fashion, Retail
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Markets South Africa
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