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Nispero, Inc. Regenerative food systems from farmers.

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Imagine that you work for several months in a project targeting to reach people and you receive less than 10% of what the final consumer pays. And you have to turn back and figure out how to feed your family. That happens to us and to almost every farmer from Mexico to the all way down to Chile. Nispero is an initiative dedicated to articulate the food industry to give market access to farmers, healthier and cheaper food to a wider segment of the city population, and to allow nature to prosper. What we do is to partner with a local farmer, co-create a replicable at scale local regenerative farm, give for rent a mobile cold room, and build the rural community distribution center of crops-to-consumer and inputs-to-farmers. The city consumer enjoys healthier and cheaper mobile markets from farmers. Farmer go from home with food and came back with farming inputs. Nispero uses SMS for marketing, sales, and to ensure access, fair trade, inclusion, and planninng. A simpler food system.

Sectors Logistics, Mobile, Specialty retail
Location Venezuela
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