Nishati Power Bottling the moments

Approximately 4 million people die yearly because of indoor air pollution due to the usage of charcoal and other polluting fuels. Nishati Power is harnessing energy from biodegradable waste to provide families with affordable clean heat energy in form of liquefied bottled biogas. Kigali has this great untapped potential for biogas production; there is 8000 tonnes of biodegradable waste produced monthly; from this, 400 tonnes of gas can be produced which would supply 32,000 families monthly with gas.
Our ecosystem starts with the waste collection process; COPED, one of our local waste collection partners will collect and sort the waste.Through harnessing the energy from the biodegradable waste they supply us in which we will be able to produce biogas and fertilizer as a by product. The gas will be packaged into cylinders and distributed to our network of Nishati Power Authorised Dealers. Our customers can then buy the gas, cook and the cycle continues.

Stage Unknown EST October 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Kigali, Rwanda
Markets Rwanda
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