NIOJI A card you can control

NIOJI is the idea of freedom and control fused together in a prepaid card product. Freedom because NIOJI give you the ability to create a pre-paid card instantly, fund it using a variety of methods, and use it for offline or online transaction.

It takes opening a bank account, 3 days, a bank visit, about 10USD and some legal paper work (indemnity agreements) to obtain a single/multiple bank debit card for an individual or a multiple people sharing one bank account/expense card (no banks offers this) 

Once you finally get the debit card; It is fully controlled by the bank i.e You will need to CALL the bank to authorize online payments, disable your card if stolen, load funds to account, get exchange rate if you are buying online and outside

Control because NIOJI offers the ability to set the transaction limits, budget, spending, the authorized vendors while getting real-time transactions information.

NIOJI cards are ideal for individuals who are concerned about their online security, parents concerned about what their children are buying, insurances firms who want to reduce costs on claims management, marketplaces seeking to reduce costs while reducing payout processing time, governments and philanthropists seeking to make funds available to intended beneficiaries and for intended purposes.

Stage Unknown EST March 2017
SectorsBanking, E-commerce, Financial services
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsBurundi, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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