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NINAYO The digital farmer's market place is an online trading platform that thousands of Tanzanians use to get a better price for their crops. We are quickly expanding into surrounding regions.

Founder, Jack Langworthy, conducted business for years in the Tanzanian agriculture sector. is a tool to solve specific problems facing that sector. Those issues are:

• Lack of supply visibility (buyers don’t know what crops farmers are selling)
• Lack of demand visibility (farmers don’t know how much buyers are willing to
• Lack of logistical coordination (inefficient transportation skyrockets costs)
An understanding of emerging markets is necessary to explain our value proposition. As Tanzania exemplifies these markets, consider:
• 80% of Tanzania’s work force are independent farmers
• Farmers have little bargaining power over the sale of their crops due to poor
infrastructure and a lack of communication with food processors (markets)
• Internet access has recently become widespread, even in

SectorsAgribusiness, Banking, Computer software, Consumer durables, Creative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, Mobile, Telecom, Wholesale
Location Mji Mpya, Tanzania, United Republic of
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