Nigeria-Asia/Australia Week & Joint Trade Mission Connect, Grow, Expand

Nigeria-Asia/Australia Week and Joint Trade Mission is an annual bilateral innovative, business and economic platform to enhance joint trade, investment and economic opportunities among nations involved.

This Joint Trade Mission to Australia is about Business, Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange, to strengthen bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Japan, Nigeria and Australia and Nigeria and Korea which promotes joint trade and business, enhancing stronger international trilateral relationship.

The producer, Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is to embark on trade mission to Japan, Australia and Korea. Nigeria-Japan, Australia and Korea Week and Joint Trade Mission (the Business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange) will be held in Australia.

Each country’s program will promote a lot of local and international businesses, factories, investments, companies, industries, locally made goods, products and services, visitors, traders, and investors.

SectorsBusiness services, Construction and manufacturing, Consulting and business development
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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