Nicademia A Video Streaming Platform for African Animation preventing the Extinction of African Languages and Culture



Nicademia is a video streaming and content distribution animation company for promoting the culture and languages of Nigeria and other African countries. Our mission is to prevent the extinction of Nigerian and African Languages as well as create a market for African Animation.

According to UNESCO, over 300 African Languages are endangered and more than 52 African Languages have gone into extinction. UNESCO also states that the Igbo language might go into extinction by 2025 if the kids and youths do not learn how to speak their languages.

Over 60% of the African population are youths below 18 years and more than 500 million kids and youths in Africa cannot speak their mother tongue nor do they understand their culture, heritage and values. Mostly affected of this population are youths and kids in the urban cities and diaspora. This is a WAR we are silently losing in Africa and needs to be urgently addressed.

Nicademia currently addresses this problem by promoting African culture through animations and cartoons distributed on our video on demand platform, Mobile App, Television and Tablet. We are currently the largest video streaming platform for African animations with over 2million viewers, 500 animations and airing on 7 local and international TV Channels including DSTV and GOTV.

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