Nguvu Health Preventive and Corrective Tech for Mental Disorders

Nguvu Health is a preventive and corrective technology for mental disorders, focused on providing easy and affordable online access to mental health therapy for Africans anywhere in the world. This is done through our teletherapy app which provides on-demand access to Mental Health Therapy for users from the comfort of their homes through their mobile devices and web-enabled devices.

Our customers are able to communicate (via text, audio, and video) directly in-app with their therapists and are able to schedule live video sessions with their matched therapists (video therapy) – this is particularly useful at such a time as this- Post Pandemic. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made mental health therapy more important than ever. Nguvu Health provides therapists with the opportunit to generate extra income while we provide easy access for our customers. Think Uber for therapists!

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Emplacement Sheridan, États-Unis
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