NGOMALANDS Find a land, Farm and Feed the World



The future of food in the world will depend on what Africa does with agriculture. Africa has a great potential in Agriculture, with 400 millions of hectares of farmable land, but only ten percent of these land are exploited, and its population continues to suffer from hunger and unemployment. With Ngomalands we came up with a solution to feed Africa and to employ the youth.

We serve as a gateway for young people and people who want to be involved in Agriculture. Ngomalands is technological platform with a web application, a mobile application that allows people with uncultivated land to list them online, and thus allow other people to rent them for farming. We also offer advertising space for all contractors in Agri-food sector who have products and services (in logistics, counseling, inputs, equipment, and other.) for farmers. With our platform young people have access to land, and additional services and products they need in their farming practice.

Sectores Agroindustria, Agritech, TIC
Ubicación Goma, Congo Democrático
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