nFrnds Connecting the Unconneced. Today!



nFrnds is connecting the unconnected via any mobile device, providing an end-to-end solution enabling businesses, organisations and Base of the Pyramid (BoP) users to connect to the digital world and vertical ecosystems. For mass market users nFrnds provides a solution requiring 0 installations, 0 data, 0 SMS. 

nFrnds platform is live on 5 Pan African mobile operators providing users with chat, group chat, email and connecting the BoP users to ecosystems such as mAgri, education, banking, finance, health, loyalty programs and more. 

Microsoft has strategically selected nFrnds platform as the solution to connect and expand Microsoft software and Microsoft partners’ solutions in Africa to the mass market. MasterCard global has selected nFrnds as the platform to connect the BoP to the commerce ecosystem and for streamlining financial services enabling financial inclusion. 

nFrnds has invested 60 human years in developing the nFrnds platform, it is an innovative and patented technology (10 granted, 7 pending).

Stage Unknown
Sectors Computer software, Internet, Mobile
Location Rwanda
Markets Botswana, Kenya, Uganda
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