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Next2you Trusted professionals for all your home needs

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Our Product is a two-sided platform that connects skilled handymen/artisans and cleaners to users in need of their services. It solves the problem of trust for users, giving them access to quality service from verified professionals and it also saves them the awkwardness of haggling the price to pay for services rendered by making the price known before they engage the workmen. For the artisans and workmen it gives them exposure to a wider market of middle class users with significant buying power. Next2You was born out of a need we saw going unfulfilled around us. The suburbs around Abuja are made up of many gated communities popularly referred to as estates. These estates house the estimated 150,000 upper middle class families in Abuja and we have learnt in over 75% of these families both parents have jobs and have moved away from the traditional Nigerian model where the children were responsible for house chores.

Sectors Internet, Internet of things (IoT), Smart city solutions
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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