Nerve Africa's 1st unified digital media marketplace



Product Description:
Nerve has developed NERVEFLO. Nerveflo is pretty much like “like iTunes or Amazon Digital”, however, its an API driven Platform on which is built a cross platform market place for digital content with a focus on academic, religious & literary content from Africa.

To bridge the digital divide especially in emerging markets via innovative & sustainable platforms that make information available thus giving people the power to improve their lives.
To be the foremost destination for structured digital information in emerging markets.

Business model:
– Value proposition: To assist content publishers/creators gain extensive distribution & monetization of their content with minimal risk of piracy. We also assist content consumers to find and consume desirable content irrespective of bandwidth/literacy challenges.
– Unique Selling Point:
~API driven download platform that is optimized

Sectors E-commerce, Education, Electronics, Financial services, Internet, Leisure and travel
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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