Nerve Africa's 1st unified digital media marketplace



Product Description:
Nerve has developed NERVEFLO. Nerveflo is pretty much like “like iTunes or Amazon Digital”, however, its an API driven Platform on which is built a cross platform market place for digital content with a focus on academic, religious & literary content from Africa.

To bridge the digital divide especially in emerging markets via innovative & sustainable platforms that make information available thus giving people the power to improve their lives.
To be the foremost destination for structured digital information in emerging markets.

Business model:
– Value proposition: To assist content publishers/creators gain extensive distribution & monetization of their content with minimal risk of piracy. We also assist content consumers to find and consume desirable content irrespective of bandwidth/literacy challenges.
– Unique Selling Point:
~API driven download platform that is optimized for low bandwidth environments
~Robust analytics that finally offers data on digital content consumers of African content
~ Nerveflo goes beyond music, we distribute books, movies, audiobooks etc
~ Unique voucher payment system that is mobile-money ready towards African-wide expansion.
~ Boutique Nerve phone that instigates consumer multi-platform Nerveflo adoption

Hybrid business model:
– Creators list products for free – 55:45 revenue share on sales in favour of creators
– Creators upgrades to a $25 per month Pro subscription – 70:30 share on sales
– Pro creator subscribers can white label the platform for a one-time software license $7k5 fee and then revenue share 80 :20

– Customer Segments
A. Institutional & Independent content creators
B. Local & Diaspora content consumers.

– How your product solves the pain-point
Creator pain points = piracy + real time consumer analytics + payment
We solve this problem via proprietary content compression & encryption once it is uploaded to our servers by the creator, and since all content is actually consumed via our apps in PC/mobile, the content stays protected while the apps report usage back to the server. Finally, our ingenious mobile payment system solves the problem of payment locally, while integration of stripe serves diaspora.