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Nechaz Gift Embracing waste management for a healthy environment.

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Nechaz Gift

Nechaz Gift

This business is solving the problem of environmental degradation, as a result of the disposal of polythene and plastic bags. The bags are commonly used in day-to-day shopping, but when thrown into the litter, they are non-biodegradable; they take over 2000 years to fully decompose, hence increasing carbon footprints in our environment.

This prompted me, as an entrepreneur, to use this as an opportunity of innovating biodegradable paper bags from banana fiber which provide an excellent substitute packaging material for shopping. Banana fibre (banana stem) paper bags will only take 3-6 weeks to completely decompose once they are disposed off; they are strong and can also be reused. This makes them unique in the market, which in turn preserves the fertility of the soil for agricultural production.

Sectors Arts, Hygiene, Packaging, Sanitation, Waste management and recycling
Location Uganda
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