Ndmtree "Let's Nurture Nature".


Ndmtree means Nature, Manage and Develop a Tree and it is pronounced as Ndumitree. The theme for the Project is;- “Tuvandei Miti Mbua Yuke Tulukye Ukya” (Kamba Language) meaning;- “Lets us Plant Trees So That Rains Can Come To Eradicate Poverty”
Ndmtree sensitizes people to develop Homestead Based Tree Nurseries on yearly basis of assorted trees seedlings, specifically to sustain livelihoods of villagers in Kenya.
Ndmtree has shown growth and progress in the communities since its inception in September, 2014. 
Ndmtree’s Theme – “Tuvandei Miti Mbua Yuke Tulukye Ukya” ;- meaning – Let us Plant Trees So That Rains Can Come To Eradicate Poverty has become a ringing tone in the minds of several Makuenians who by now are ready to conserve the environment by planting trees voluntarily in their farms/institutions/market centers. In 2015, the County Government took lead in implementing tree planting activities in institutions, riverbanks, riparian zones and thousands of trees have been planted  during short and long rains since then. 
Ndmtree is focused in attaining Green Economy in Makueni County; confidently aware that other actors will imitate and begin greening villages in other Counties in Kenya in the spirit of “Monkey See, Monkey Do Business”
Stage Unknown EST September 2014
SectorsDiversified services
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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