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NdiribhoTV, connects video content creators (broadcasters) to the world via our innovative platform. Publishers can upload videos or broadcast paid or free live streams whilst viewers can find exclusive African video content with ease.

Why an African Youtube?

Our platform has a strong emphasis on monetisation of video assets (both video streaming and video on demand).
Our research has has given us this feedback: 

1. African Youtube publishers are drowned out by publishers from the developed world and this can be measured by the fact that 99% of Youtube millionaires are in the US and EUrope. The few African Youtube millionaires have migrated overseas to realise this dream. 

2. We need a platform that is dedicated to African publishers (yes we might later expand but the foundation should be African).

3. Youtube, Facebook Instagram and Twitter livestreams dont have monetisation mechanisms for publishers so we solved that by creating a pay per view model for the live streams whereby a publisher can choose to stream for free or charge viewers.

4. We have in-video gifts/donations which even if the live stream is free, viewers can donate with emojis and tokens. (still under development)

5. We do not use an advert based model as you might have heard major brands are leaving Youtube because inappropriate ads are being flighted next to their content, these brands still need promotion and syndication of their content beyond their own websites.