NDIFOR GROUP COMPANY ltd ( NGCL) Integrated solution for mosquito repelling and anti mosquitoes bites.

Mosquito bites transmit malaria. 3.2 billion people at risk of contracting malaria. 2.7 million annual malaria deaths , 90%of it in Africa with 70% being children under 5years. $12billion USD annual cost to African economy . Effective malaria prevention method is in need. Ndifor Group has developed an Integrating organic mosquitoes repelling cosmetics and anti mosquitoes bites full body wears as the preventable solution to malaria transmission. Products will be sold through online and offline channels. Ndiforgroup will compete by providing 100% non-toxic organic based mosquito repellent body cosmetics and indoor/outdoor full body anti mosquito bites wears. Products will be sold to the general public, NGO’s, government institutions and hospitals. Products will be supplied to the entire African continent. Only risk might be the non available of bulk organic ingredients for mass production. Ndifor group is in need of $100 000 USD to kickstart this venture.

Sectors Diversified services, Healthcare, Manufacturing
Location Bambili, Cameroon
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