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Ncarrier UG A service intended to ease accessibility to transportation vehicles.

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Ncarrier UG

Ncarrier UG

Currently acquiring truck services in Uganda is done through phone calls to already known drivers or a physical visit to the parking stage which makes services very time-consuming. On the other hand, truck drivers are facing an imminent threat of being evicted from the city centre parking slots to the suburbs with the constant transformation of the city. This inefficiency has led to the birth of Ncarrier UG.

Ncarrier UG is a service intended to ease accessibility to cargo transportation vehicles whether you are in need of; small, medium or big trucks, we connect you to the most suitable drivers that meet your requirement.

Our Mission is to expand the market base for truck drivers by making their services easy to access. With just a click of a button, the available cargo driver will receive instructions and show up at the pick-up point.

SectorsPublic transport, Transport and logistics
LocationKampala, Uganda
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