Nasiye Home delivery Service delivery service is about transferrin goods for supplier to consumer.

Nasiye Home delivery Service

Nasiye Home delivery Service

Nasiye is a home delivery company that provides delivery services, for food from the nearest or the restaurant that is your faverate with in 30 Minutes for maximum delivery in Garowe city.

Nasiye provides manual food, vending, micro market, catering, and office coffee.

We are currently serving every one that in “Kowda agost” and “Hodon” , we also help the business owners to reach their customers in easy way.

Nasiye has a department that helps the talented women who can cook well served meals to start a business from their home; we help them to connect with customers by making a platform for their products.

Stage Unknown EST February 2017
Sectors E-commerce
Location Garowe, Somalia
Markets Somalia
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