Napata For green industries Our heritage is in our hands

Napata project is based on recycling the palms waste in Aswan that occupies the third position in Egypt in planting the palms with 1.8 million palms and 105 ten tons from the annual wastes. 

Our purpose is to turn the waste into products that are useful for society and may create added value; thus we chose to turn it into environment-friendly products that help to rescue the rare craft and handicraft that reflect our identity and the Egyptian legacy that largely depends upon the local raw material and human creativity, in addition, it represents a great artistic and cultural content that depends on the Egyptian legacy; the thing that adds national dimension. 

Our purpose is to revive and develop these industries and turn them into an organizational project capable of competition and continuity. Currently, the concern of communities is increased to return back to the sources of their civilization and make good use of their legacy in the present and future,

Stage Unknown EST October 2018
Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Aswān, Egypt
Markets Egypt
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