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Nambu Group (Pty) Ltd Nambu produces high value insect protein for use in animal feed

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Nambu turns food and other organic waste streams into a high value insect protein, oil and soil amendment – reducing our dependence on unsustainable fish and soya meal for use in animal feed, as well as chemical fertilizer applications for horticultural production.

What makes us different to our competitors is that we have opted for a distributed model of business development that is low tech, low capital and low skill intensive for easy and rapid replication across the African continent through a network of out-growers, similar to that seen in the Poultry and Dairy Industries. Our competitors on the other hand have largely opted for high tech production systems that are centralized and capital and skill intensive but employ few people and depend on well developed high volume waste management infrastructure.

In this way, Nambu can spread the benefits of this emerging technology to almost any region – using widely available components and easy to use systems

Sectors Agribusiness, Waste management and recycling
Location Grahamstown, South Africa
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