Nakasero Auto Empire Ltd We assists our clients to import vehicles direct from Japan.

We deal in the direct import of quality second hand cars from Japan on the behalf of our clients. From sourcing the car in Japan, shipping, clearance in Mombasa and registration in Kampala, we do it all. 

We work with individuals, car dealers, organizations, companies, returning citizens and diplomats import vehicles direct from Japan. Through our car import system, our clients get to acquire quality car, make fantastic saving and avoid nuisance and stress associated with car importation. 

Our specialty is picking low mileage, clean (accident free) vehicles from Japanese auctions based on the clients preferences in make, model, color, interior, budget etc. With extensive networks in Japan and use of internet, Nakasero Auto Empire has simplified used cars import process.

We have access to all major Japanese auctions and as such we pick our client’s car from a very large pool as opposed to buying from dealers who might have limited stock. We have an office in Kampala, Uganda and a partner office in Tokyo, Japan, so you can be assured that the process of importing with us will be as seamless as possible.

Our Clients can now buy & import a car directly from Japan at cheap prices stress free!

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LocationKampala, Uganda
MarketsSouth Sudan, Uganda
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