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In 2015/16, Nepal’s average annual household consumption was Rs. 3,22,730 including 53.8% in food, 12.8% in house and room rent, 5.5% in durable household goods, 4.0% in education, alcohol and tobacco. With 9.9% in utilities, 2.2% and the remaining 17.8%, its average household consumption is increasing every year. Therefore, the consumer’s ability to consume food is increasing every year and the consumption is also increasing.
According to the World Bank, Nepal’s average household savings in 2018 is 17.81%.
Therefore, it is necessary to promote savings and investment for the economic upliftment of the lower and middle classes. Since a large part of the average income of Nepal’s family is spent on food, it is their share of the expenditure
If half of the net profit can be returned to them or converted into shares, the average household savings rate can increase and become a source of income. As the source of income increases, the economic condition of the people will improve.

Sectors Retail and wholesale
Location Budhanilkantha, Nepal
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