MyShuleApp Anything else is old school, Just Tap!

MyShuleApp is uber like school bus safety App which connects parents with buses carrying their children during active trips ie pick up and drop offs.Parents no longer need to call the drivers or the school authorities to ask where the bus is, they need to tap and see its location along its route together with expected arrival time .The App has notifications sent to parents on pick up and drop offs, so it involves safety of school going children together with peace of mind to parents.Schools also save time on answering endless phone calls from concerned parents.incase of emergency, breakdowns, heavy traffic, delays, information is able to be dispensed quickly through the school system-MyShuleApp Dashboard.Now drivers are more accountable and safety of school children is improved.
MyShuleApp solves real modern society problems and all over the world child protection is what comes first.Kenyan parent problems are similar to all other parents with school going children across the worl

SectorsEducational services, Internet of things (IoT), Transport and logistics
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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