Marketplace for students providing easy access to off-campus local housing in Nigeria

Over 16 Million students (UNESCO) are found in more than 300 schools yearly. Accommodating all these students on-campus has never been possible as the schools have limited bed spaces which are even in poor conditions and as such over 70% of these students live off-campus. 

The hostel hunting experience is usually time wasting. 

In a bid to find off-campus hostels long hours, energy and lots of money is often dissipated in looking for hostels as many of them have no local knowledge of the environment. 

Most Landlords on the other hand find it challenging to get regular streams of new tenants and would prefer students due its high demand and profitability. 

If only there was a way where landlords could advertise their rooms in a cheaper and faster way directly to students and for students to get proper information about hostels around their schools? 

There is a way and that is 

We are geared towards making school stress in Africa starting with housing. is a zero-risk matching platform providing critical information about available off-campus hostels including photographs, video, pricing, distance and others from verified landlords. 

So far we’ve curated over 3,500 rooms in more than 60 schools in Nigeria.
We’ve also partnered with several schools and student bodies in Nigeria