Choose language house rental service for college students in Africa

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The student housing market in Africa is $100B yearly. 
UNESCO estimated college students population to be 100M in Africa. 
Over 70% of these students live off-campus due to lack of onsite housing spending 500$ on the average each term.

For a large population of these students, house hunting is painful, rigorous and expensive.

From walking long distances to relying on road side agents who demand large deposits, the entire process of getting a place to stay can only be imagined and not experienced especially by a student who has little or no knowledge of the environment and as such settles for cramped house touted to have AC, good road, good baths, etc. 

Landlords too find managing rentals and getting student tenants challenging too. They will prefer students due to high demand and profitability.

myPadi is a housing marketplace that connects college students mostly faced with the faced dearth of on-campus housing with vetted

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