Mydaz Aerospace

Mydaz Aerospace is a fast pace Technology Company that leverages on over 10 years of research, prototyping and development. .

We have a rapidly growing number of designs, plans, and internationally patented and patent pending piece of technologies through the World intellectual Property Office WIPO. With our large pool of intellectual property, we plan to diversify our products and services as we grow.

Our premiere products are drones. Drones are generally plagued with short flight time, poor cargo capacity and single functionality. We have patented and patent pending solutions to make drones more efficient, versatile and useful.

Our products guarantee at least 300% more flight time than competitor offerings, over 20kg to 100kg cargo capacity when scaled up, and general Multi-functionality from open source software with upgradable hardware capacity.

This makes our product useful for 24/7 security systems, Advance Automated Agricultural management, long range cargo deli

Sectors Clean technology, Electronics, Manufacturing, Mobile, Transport and logistics
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