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MY Passion FARM Saving mother nature is our wisest pursuit.

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MY Passion FARM

MY Passion FARM

Briquettes have long been seen as a better alternative to charcoal because they are: (i) more energy efficient; (ii) made from waste, not trees; and (iii) emit less harmful smoke. But most production is small-scale with inconsistent inputs, so customers face the problem of inconsistent supply and charcoal still dominates the urban cooking market.
Our solution is to create a consistent source of briquetting inputs in the form of chicken waste from poultry farms. Every 10 chickens creates 1kg of droppings each day – a nuisance for farmers which we can turn into a sustainable cooking fuel.
The Value Proposition
We manufacture briquettes from the manure of chickens. This helps customers, especially commercial institutions such as chicken farms, to have a consistent source of high quality briquettes in bulk. Our briquettes are also the cheapest on the market at UGX 800 per kg.

Sectors Agribusiness, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
Location Uganda
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