My Fruit Truck Save time and money, eat well and stay safe

My Fruit Truck is launching an innovative direct sale model in the food industry in Kenya that better responds to customers needs by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables (FFV) directly to households, bringing the market to customers’ doorstep. Nairobi experiences insane traffic, high levels of insecurity and the highest prices for FFV in East Africa. We have a women-to-women solution to help our customers save time, save money, eat well and stay safe. We are cheaper than supermarkets, do not charge delivery fees and we help them transform into e-shoppers.

We have successfully concluded our pilot, breaking even after 3 weeks and reaching a GM of 30%.

We are ready for fast scale-up, growing our business to a ratio of 1 to 20: From servicing 60 women, we will increase to 1200 in less than a year and more than 5000 customers the following year.

Stage Unknown EST November 2014
Sectors Agribusiness, Consumer non-durables, E-commerce
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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