MWANGA FARM From Farm directly to Consumers. Creating food chain efficiency.


  1. Goal 1.Poverty Reduction (for small holder farmers). These farmers ordinarily depend on middlemen to buy their produce. The problem here is that the middlemen take a significant margin from both farmers and retailers. In most cases the farmers do nt even make enough to recoup production costs and end up in a cycle of poverty. By paying the Farmers on average 20% more on their produce, Mwanga Farm is directly enabling reduction of poverty.
  2. Goal 1. Poverty Reduction (Vendors)- enabling vendors access the produce directly from farmers avails vendors the produce at a reduced price by up to 15%. Most of the vendors are self employed women running small shops and kiosks. Better buying prices is saving them much needed margins.
  3. Goal 5. Gender Equality- about 80% of vendors are women. Traditionally, these women go through a lot of hustle as they get the product for sale from middlemen at inflated prices. Our business is directly enabling them make a better living by delivering the products to their shops and at better prices.
  4. Goal 12. Reduction of Food Losses. Part of the funding we are seeking is to beef up cold chain. This is a key area that will directly lead to reduction of food wastage.