Muzas. Ltda #all4thegame

For corporations or companies who are looking to use the opportunity of the African Free Trade Zone of Commerce, and who are facing the following issues on the continent: Lake of information, product testing availability and a difficulty to familiarize they solutions or services across countries.
Our instrument will allow their brand at the same time to exercise their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), they will find on our solution to those majors key points: Extensive brand and PR exposure (3 months competition), introduction to new markets (plus promotion in 3 cities at the same time), empowering youth by merging them to the marketing tribes as an ambassador.
Why are we not trying to take out our kids to the playground and fields? We would like to convert the average 6 hours range per day that the kids are on social media and other virtual/electronic activities and have them involved in sports activities for a better health!
We still believe that changing our young generat

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