Muqqie Business Empire produces and processes food and beverages in a way that formulates it’s uniqueness with the century. We use Modern Technology and research-based mechanism to improve existing products and create a new one. At present we have worked on 16 different products from Plantain which include but not limited to Plantain Frittata, Lasagna, Mosa, Tortillas , Dodo Ikire and host of others.
Our Mission is to offer quality services, in a dynamic world, to dynamic people at a pace that creates positive impression beyond imagination and as well as satisfaction beyond explanation.
We are preserved to be the world center of food and beverages production and Processing, offer seamless services in sales and marketing and bringing the best of quality product to the market.

Stage Growth stage EST April 2017
Sectors Diversified services, Marketing and PR
Location Nigeria
Markets Global
Customer model B2B2C
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