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Multimedia Livingstone Studio Leather frame

The predisposition of a typical picture frame in market to destruction and damages has caused increased in the quantity of picture frame waste into the waste stream and this has brought an environmental challenges which needs a solution
This typical picture frame is made up of raw materials that are prone to easy damages and are very fragile
In addition to this some of this typical frames are made up of wood that are gotten from forest, which has contributed to the rate of deforestation activities in our forest and also deforestation has now exposed our environment to climate change and loss of carbon sink
I have therefore come up with a solution of constructing a frame using leather.
Leather frame is flexible, durable, replaceable and unbreakable, the frame can also be match with the interior leather furniture decoration. The use of leather will help to reduce the quantity of picture frame waste as a result of breakage, damages wear and tears.
The use of leather goes in line wit

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