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Multi-Care Products Limited is incorporated on 31st December, 2012. The business being conceived is a manufacturing plant with installed capacity of 24,000 rolls per day to produce 1 and 2 ply branded, and neatly packaged white Toilet Tissue rolls using re-cycled and virgin Jumbo paper rolls.
Consumers for Toilet rolls are broad based. It is an everyday used product by everyone irrespective of age, gender or social class for hygiene and sanitary purposes. It is used for cleaning self after bowel movement and for general cleaning.
The rolls will be embossed for added comfort, softness and extra absorbent power. It will be perforated (divided into individual sheets) for easy tear off in line with consumer needs.
Toilet tissue roll have high demand tendency due to increasing social and sanitary awareness, for hygiene and good quality living standards, exploding population, education and affordable price of the product. The market is large, ever expanding and sustainable. There is a local supply inadequacy for toilet rolls which has created a gap between demand and supply.
The importation of Toilet roll, Facial Tissue and Serviette paper was banned by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2004 in order to encourage local production of the products and to create employment. This would further enlarge the market for the product. It is this gap that we want to exploit.
Our target market are households (men, women, ladies and children of school age), hotels, schools, hospitals, super-markets, neighborhood stores, colleges and universities, social gathering, canteen operators, marriage ceremonies, dealers, contractors, purchasing and supply agents, fast food chains, shopping centers, social clubs, night clubs, government offices, places of worship, corporate offices, banks and many other places where the products enjoy aggregate demand. We also eye the export markets in the ECOWAS sub-region as some of their traders flock into Lagos and other States in the country to buy these and other products.
At first, we want to start with Toilet Tissue roll production but in 3 – 5 years time, we plan to grow the business and expand our product line by going into production of Serviette paper and Facial Tissue paper (in boxes). In future we also desire to establish a Waste Paper Converting Plant of about 2 – 5 tons per day to manufacture and supply white Jumbo Paper rolls raw materials for our toilet roll factory and for sale to the public.
In order to achieve the above goals, we have put in place a strong Management Team that is made up of experienced and seasoned Professionals and Advisors from diverse fields. Each member of the team will be in charge of Production, General administration, Marketing, Legal matters, Communications and Financial functions of the organization.
To realize this project, we need (1) Toilet roll Rewinding machine (2) Band Saw Cutting machine (3) Single/Double Roll automatic Packing machine (4) Roll Core Making machine (5) Pedal Sealing machine (6) Compressor set, (7) 40 KVA Generator (8) Delivery Van (9) Office Furniture and Fittings. Also, we need funds for Raw materials, Packaging materials and other Working Capital requirements.
We are very serious and passionate about this project. More information are available in our Business Plan and Financials which will be at the disposal of any person(s) who will help us with the necessary funds and also co-operate with us for successful operation of the project.

Stage Unknown EST November 2011
Sectors Manufacturing
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Markets Nigeria
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