MukulimaSoko Cultivons today to feed tomorrow

MukulimaSoko offers a number of advantages to players in the agricultural sector, including: E-Commerce through virtual agricultural relays and physical presence in the production environment for the consolidation of agricultural products and joint sales.
And through our community networks of farm operators that will make up the physical and virtual agricultural relays, farmers could store their crops for a common sale at better prices.
The goal is to reduce the post-harvest loss and to help farmers earn more by providing short-term loans to farmers at the beginning of the cropping season and in the non-interest-free post-harvest to cover daily expenses and to meet the immediate financial need while waiting for the sale of their crops at affordable prices as true as a farmer’s income is often reduced due to changing market prices over the seasons.

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming
Location Goma, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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