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Muffaker Producing educational content for better educational opportunities

The main aim of this project is to enrich methods of education with tools and equipment that can develop the mental capacity and skills of young learners. This can be done by understanding the process of education for those who need special care. We mainly concentrate on using visual and sensory effects depending on the outcomes of the psychology and modern education which is inspired by the local environment and surroundings of every child and keep pace with the technological development in this era.

Our products are designed to meet the local market needs regarding the educational requirements, developing capacity and skills of targeted groups. Every product is introduced with a clear detailed instruction guide to help users achieve the expected potential. That is done by connecting and transferring concepts from the abstract world into interactive fun. This makes learning more fun by challenging the mental abilities and age. We work for better future and enlightened generation.

Sectors Educational products, Educational services
Location Tulkarm, Palestine, State of
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