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Mozaica Mozaica is a website for the sale of artworks

Mozaica is a company specialized in the marketing of pan-African art works mainly through the web. These products are: the Roman Graphic or the comic strip, the Cinema of Animation and the Arts Plastiques (painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc.).
In addition, Mozaica is a digital platform that connects artists and consumers of works of art. In terms of need, Mozaica aims to improve the overall level of promotion and accessibility of works of art that will allow the many local artists to live decently. Another ideal is to revive thanks to the digital tool the taste of reading among the young and the youngest. We are also planning to diversify the Congolese cultural industry in favour of certain quasi-unexploited (artistic) sectors through innovative products and services.

Sectors Arts, Creative, media and entertainment
Location Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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