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MOMA Renewable Energy Leading the transition to sustainable liquid fuels.

Our solution is an ethanol-based cooking fuel made from food waste and food production byproducts. Our biofuel is a tier 4 cooking solution comparable in cleanliness and efficiency to LPG and electricity while being easier to purchase in daily amounts which favors low-income earners such as day laborers and subsistence farmers as well as being more accessible and affordable than electricity whose coverage is wanting outside major urban areas. For our beneficiaries, our fuel releases only water and a low level of CO2 during combustion avoiding the disease-inducing soot and smoke of our legacy competitors while also being much more efficient in procuring, igniting, and cooking while reducing time spent on meal preparation which can then be spent on economic activity. While for our paying customers our fuel has a lower per-unit cost and a longer combustion time than charcoal making it a more viable economic proposition.

Sectors Biofuels, Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Masimba, Kenya
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