MobileJobs (mjobs) powered by SOMTEC

Mjobs is a web and mobile based job alert and recruitment services taking the power of web and SMS technology and solving the problems faced by workers in finding new jobs and their employers locating suitable employees.

Since launch December 2013, Mjobs registered 33000 job seekers, over 100 Employers, sent 1.8 Million SMS and has over 45000 Facebook followers.

Job seekers incur taxi fares to go and read notice boards at a crowded street, buy newspapers that may or may not have posted jobs that they are looking for.
Job seekers register either through SMS directly from their mobile phone or online accessing our website
On the employers’ side, they also spend money and time finding new candidates to fill vacancies and usually run non-targeted advertisements, which yields sometimes less qualified candidates applying.

Mjobs is dedicated both for white collar and blue collar workers (building, masonries, technicians, mechanics, drivers, security, waiters, etc) .
This is more than just a job listings website. Designed for a country where many people have limited access to the internet – but where just over 30% of the population access to a mobile and is expected to grow faster where as internet is lagging behind at a very low 2% has – it works on the most basic mobile phone handsets.
Mjobs evolved from our company called SOMTEC which was chosen by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) to help develop Government Services on Mobile Devices (mGovernment) through SMS, MMS and IVR services for 13 government ministries and institutions with more than 60 services which have platforms that are expandable to unlimited number of government services.
Mjobs seeks to address unemployment in Ethiopia via the use of mobile phones.