Mobiflock makes smartphones and tablets safe for kids.

This means children get to benefit from all the amazing advantages of mobile communications technology, without being at risk of the very real dangers that are out there. Parents learn about how their children are using their mobile devices, and have peace of mind that they have put appropriate safety measures and early warning systems in place when they buy their child their first smartphone or tablet.

Mobiflock is flexible enough to suit varying family requirements for online safety, and can also “grow up” with the child, so restrictions can be reduced as the child gets older. It is the antidote to the big on/off internet safety switch and doesn’t ruin all the fun – and all the benefits – of having a smartphone or tablet.

Since Demo Africa 2012, we have launched Mobiflock My Child for BlackBerry and iOS, launched the geo-fencing component of the location service, launched a fleet of personal and device security services, and we’re about to launch what we believe to be the first safe browser for BlackBerry … so the tech is coming along nicely, as are the number of signups for the service.

We are already being used in 160 countries around the world and have been endorsed by child safety experts internationally. We’re also in the process of closing a number of partnerships with edtech companies in the US and Europe that will put Mobiflock into the hands of hundreds of thousands of children.

Finally, and most importantly, we regularly get feedback from parents using the service to tell us that we are keeping their kids safe. Most recently, the mom of a child with ADHD told us how much Mobiflock had helped her daughter get enough sleep at night and avoid too many distractions.