Mobeum Blockchain's essential bridge to the developing world

Blockchain can transform the lives of people in developing countries by providing new ways to earn, if only they could easily reach them
Currently, Blockchain services are too hard for the average person to understand or access. Income is not in a form that can be easily used locally.
Mobeum solves accessing income generating blockchain services, and allows earnings to be used as tokens or converted to local (mobile) money.

Mobeum is a small app designed to fit on low end android phones and combines local services and payments for daily use. Mobeum also allows the average person to access new income sources via blockchain without needing to know how it works.  

Earnings are converted to local currency (mobile money or bank account) or kept as tokens for global transfer, investment, topup or product purchases. 

Sectors Blockchain, Fintech, Mobile
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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