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Mkulima Townie This is an IOT enabled hydroponics in towns and urban cities.

Mkulima Townie

Mkulima Townie

In a developing country like Kenya, where agriculture is the backbone of the country, agriculture is plagued by several problems like small and fragmented land holdings, manures, pesticides, chemicals used for agriculture etc. Consumers also increasingly demand for a healthy diet that is rich in quality and free of agricultural chemicals and pesticides. 

Our project fills in the above-said difficulties and demands using hydroponics and we can go organic. Since it is done in the controlled environment, it can be done anywhere like rooftops, terraces and balconies in cities and towns and solve the problem of hidden hunger as well as promote aesthetic beauty. Also, large amount of plants can be planted in a small place. 

This type of agriculture could be high yielding if monitored and controlled efficiently. Our project will control the necessary conditions required for the plant to grow hydroponically and also cultivators may control the agriculture remotely using IoT.

Sectors Agritech, Biotechnology and medical research, Cloud solutions, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Mombasa, Kenya
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