MJP Heaven Product Ltd Focus on : Growing of cereals , vegetable crops , oil and mixed farm

MJP HEAVEN PRODUCT Ltd which focus on : Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil Seeds, Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts, Plant propagation, Mixed farming, Post-harvest crop activities, Silviculture and other forestry activities and Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities because I Believe that without Agriculture there is no food and no food there is no life. Nutritional Accessibility and Popularity : our kids got satisfied food and nutrients on time that reducing malnutrition and disease associated .Science: they are the increase of knowledge and skills which can help me in our research and technology use in agriculture in our world especial my country push me to learn the new technique and technology of agriculture

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Agriculture animale, Services environnementaux
Emplacement Gashora, République Du Rwanda
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