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Mixsie Audio Books African Books by African Authors for the World

Mixsie Audio Books

Mixsie Audio Books

Technology is advancing everyday and we cannot expect our children to learn the way we did, today at the age of 3 children are already playing with smartphones.

We need to catch them young, engage their minds with positive thinking and grow the leaders of tomorrow.

There are a thousand and one Audio book websites and application on the internet but none of them will be able to come close to mixsie with the volume of African content.

We want to make African content digital, in the next 12 months we plan to make over five thousand audio books and make them available on our easy to use website and mobile applications.

How do we make money?
We intend to charge a fee for full book downloads, that will be cheaper than buying or downloading the real book, revenue from this will be shared with the authors there by encouraging more African authors to write because now they get paid for their content.

What do we need?
We can only so far with limited funding and personnel, so we

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