MiniMill EcoMill: local valorization of biomass by products into solid biofuel

By products from agricultural activities is tremendous. For cocoa, one kg of beans is releasing 1kg of by products. Figures are very similar for nuts, coffee, ..

Such organic products are loose, seasonal very local and often left on the ground or burnt without commercial added value.
More than 70% of the domestic energy in Africa is delivered by wood, a solid biofuel. The intensive use of wood as primary energy is leading to a deforestation.
The EcoMill is a starting point to convert local agro or timber by products into a tradable format i.e. briquettes or pellets.
The EcoMill is a fully transportable mini-plant (sized in a 20″ container) with its own power generation to operate “where the biomass is”.
After several years of operations in Ukraine (PS: ended by the war), the team EcoMill is pursuing the venture in Africa with an extensive team of operators in Morocco, in Ivory Coast (2 millions tons of by products left), Senegal. More countries will follow.

One EcoMill has a capacity of 3.500T of briquettes/pellets per year, enough to supply 800 families.

Stage Startup stage EST February 2018
Sectors Agribusiness, Biomass, Clean technology and energy
Location Meknès, Morocco
Markets Morocco, Senegal
Customer model B2B2C
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